About Angela

Angela Myers
Angela is Registered Massage Therapist having graduated from the two year (2200 hours) program at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Edmonton in 2006. If you have health benefits that include coverage for massage therapy, you'll be happy to know Angela issues receipts with her NHPC (National Health Practitioners of Canada) Registration Number allowing you to place a claim.

As part of her ongoing education, Angela has also studied reflexology through Sage Wholistic Therapy in Edmonton, and returned to MH Vicars in 2009 to become certified in Prenatal Massage.

Angela uses the gentle touch of therapeutic massage and the hands-on work of reflexology to help you in releasing and unwinding tensions and pain. Her work leaves your whole body balanced and energized. The benefits of Angela’s work include deep relaxation, relief from chronic pain, freedom from various physical and emotional symptoms, and improved recovery from surgeries and accidents. Angela particularly enjoys prenatal massage as it is incredibly helpful for pregnant women.

Angela works from her home in Stony Plain giving her the ultimate flexibility to raise her two children along with her husband, yet still enjoy her career.