page3_img1Therapeutic Massage

The most common form of massage practiced by Angela is Therapeutic Massage. It can be incredibly helpful for those with:

page3_img2Deep Tissue Massage

Working aggressively on the tight muscles and knots of your body, Deep Tissue Massage more often benefits those suffering from:

page3_img3Prenatal Massage

A must for many women during pregnancy, Prenatal Massage provides relief to a woman's body that is rapidly changing. Some of the benefits of Prenatal Massage are:



Unlike the other kinds of massage treatments, reflexology targets the hands and feet of the patient. Because of this, removal of clothing is unnecessary. That's why it's also a well known alternative therapeutic massage for people who're uncomfortable with nudity during therapeutic massage. Focused and continuous pressure on the hands and feet can be a little painful, however, most patients often feel wonderfully relaxed.

Be sure to let the therapist know if you experience discomfort as individuals who experience reflexology for the first time occasionally report this. As with any form of massage therapy, be sure to drink plenty of water following your appointment as it aids in flushing toxins from your system.